Tech & Learning Launches New Online Community

CoSN meetup
(Image credit: Lucy Gray)

The new Tech & Learning Community, hosted on the K12Leaders platform (opens in new tab), is a hub where readers can share ideas and opinions, collaborate on solutions, and grow their PLNs nationwide. There’s no charge to join, and all discussions will be moderated by Tech & Learning editors to ensure meaningful and supportive discussions.

Here’s how to join the Tech & Learning Community:

1. Visit our registration page (opens in new tab).

2. Complete the form to sign up for the free community and you will be redirected to the Tech & Learning public community, Take this opportunity to say “Hi” and introduce yourself! All members will be verified to ensure they are part of a school or company serving the K12 market. 

3. On your next visit,  here’s how to access the latest discussions and add to the conversations: 

  • Log into the K12 Leaders platform (opens in new tab) (consider bookmarking this link). 
  • Once you are logged in, go to “Groups & Communities” (left rail) and select “My Groups” from the middle of the page. 
  • Select the “Tech & Learning” group. 
  • The “Feed” will be the place for general updates. 
  • “Discussions” will be where tech *& Learning will host our community conversions. Select “Discussions” and “Subscribe” to the Discussions to ensure you get notifications as new content is added to the Discussion threads. 
  • You can decide how often you will receive notifications by selecting your Account. Click on your photo on the top right, then “Account”, and then “Notification Settings.”

“We’ve been searching for an online platform through which we can engage with our readers for a long time,” says Tech & Learning Content Director Christine Weiser. “Social media platforms are more about one-way content delivery and can get cluttered with a lot of noise. We’re excited to host our new Tech & Learning community on the K12Leader platform so our editors can not just share links to articles, but provide an opportunity for our readers to add their insights on this content, and collaborate with each other to find solutions to their challenges and share their successes.” 

“K12Leaders has four main goals: amplify the voices of K12 educators, streamline communication and collaboration, keep the conversations going after conferences and networking events, and help build more authentic relationships in the K12 space,” says Michael Bronder, Co-Founder & CEO | K12Leaders. “These are also values that Tech & Learning has clearly been supporting for years through the community of educators and solution providers they serve. We’re very happy to be partnering with T&L by providing this space to keep the conversation going!”


K12Leaders was created by educators for educators to create a safe online community in which we can have the conversations that strengthen education free from the spam and trolling prevalent on other platforms. 


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